Automotive Geologies, 2018

(13 Units)
Steel, Polyester filler, Automotive paint, Car Panels (Bonnets, fenders, doors, boot lids) from: Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Holden, Humber, Mitsubishi.
sound composition - Jed Palmer

In Automotive Geologies Jason Waterhouse presents hybridized car forms in the cavernous basement space of the George Farmer Building.  The installation is accompanied by a sound scape developed in collaboration with composer Jed Palmer.

The gloss black sculptures occupy the space elusively like specters; forms reflecting the environment making reading a slippery affair.  Presented as strange otherworldly geologies, the works also carry the style lines unmistakably of the automotive industry.

Automotive Geologies is a hybrid space, unmistakably man made, yet full of yearning to slip back into the earth.