Cottage, 2015

Hand wrought steel
240 x 390 x 280 cm

Public Art - Hepburn Shire, Daylesford

draws from the varying historical architectural styles within the township of Daylesford; from the utilitarian design of the humble 19th century Miners Cottages, through to the highly decorative elements of the opulent Victorian buildings and the rich patterns found within the Edwardian and Deco Architecture of the district.

Created in highly decorative wrought iron inspired by the gates at the Daylesford Convent, Cottage references the rich opulence of the Gold rush and pre-war spa resort era in its patterning; In its form Cottage pays homage to the miners, workers and farmers on whose backs the riches of Daylesford were built.

Cottage is nestled quietly within its bush environment.  Sited within the Daylesford lake precinct the sculpture appears on approach a mirage of a house, the overlaying patterns shimmering as the viewer moves toward and around the sculpture.  On closer viewing the complex patterning takes on a form and language of its own.