Federation Square Skateboard series


Federation Square Skateboard Series
Folklore skateboards, mixed media
dimensions Variable

Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture, 2008, Federation Square, Melbourne.

The Federation Square skateboard series is a commentary on the subculture of skateboarding and its influence on the development of public space. 

Street skating and the associated tricks can scuff and damage the surface finish of structures. With the mass introduction of anti-skating devices, such as those which the work is placed next to, it is clear that skateboarding and other related activities are not welcome in public spaces.

Skateboarding can be seen as a thorn in the urban planner’s side, and by designing and creating public recreational spaces with the intent of excluding certain factions, questions are raised about the accessibility of public spaces for all.

By excluding skateboarding it would appear that the activity has imposed itself on a much deeper level. Through the defensive design of public space skateboarding has become part of the architecture.


The Federation Square skateboard series is proudly sponsored by Folklore Skateboards.