Tides, 2016

Tides is an installation in two parts with the first, entitled Swarm, inhabiting Gallery One’s foyer. Comprising a series of watercolour clouds rendered cartoon-style in candy pink, this cluster hovers in orderly parallel rows somehow at odds with the scatter-gun approach of their execution. Swarm also plays with the duality created through using 2D paper imagery in a sculptural process, extended by volume, light, shadow – and unexpected menace.

Gallery One’s main space shelters part two, Exodus, a group of amoebic Ozito power tools fleeing the neon blast from a shotgun. Like some David Cronenberg-inspired nightmare that is both laughable and disturbing, these mutated blobs resemble robotic snails, spurring questions more than answers. Does the vacuous shotgun speech-bubble play only to pop cultural sensibilities, or does it signal the launch of these hybrid creatures into our unsuspecting lives?